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Striving to nurture those in need, guiding those seeking a path to healing

and empowering women through support,

education and kindness to create a stronger community.

Together we can rise above our challenges, grow through our pain

and find peace in the revival of our lives. 


Bria Moira Killgore

Founder & Clinical Director

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Mental Health Therapist, EMDR Clinician

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional - II

Nationally Certified Health Education Specialist

Within each of us there is a story, how we got here and where we think we'd like to go. My goal is to help guide you down the path to healing, to help you grow, build insight and provide a calm space for you to create the journey of life you've always wanted.


Like many who pursue the mental health field, my journey into Clinical Social Work is rooted in my own trauma. I've lived a life of complexity and knew I needed to find a way to generate healing, for myself and for others. 


I started counseling (as a client) at a young age after experiencing years of depression, anxiety and complex PTSD. The grief, abuse and sexual assault I experienced drove me to find a way to overcome those challenges and grow through my pain. 

As a therapist with lived experience, I can relate to the hardship of daily life with mental illness, I model healthy behaviors that continue to support my own mental health and that of my clients.


We are in this together, reach out, I'm here.  


In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am offering all appointments by phone or a HIPAA compliant video platform.

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